Target groups for training are employees or managers who do not necessarily work together, but face the same challenges. This constellation opens up additional options of interdisciplinary exchange and networking.

Intercultural training

Listed on the following pages are four different types of training. All of them deal with the challenges of successfully cooperating across cultural boundaries. These cultural boundaries are classically defined along local or national borders. Differences in professional education, age, gender, etc. can also become obstacles for effective teamwork. 


Here you will find four example sketches of training types: In Training Intercultural Sensibility those approaches and insights are addressed, which are helpful in situations in which different cultures overlap. Training Intercultural Communication and Cooperation goes more specifically into the topic of cooperation across cultural boundaries. Intercultural Introduction Germany is particularly focused on people who have recently been assigned to Germany. The Country Preparation Training addresses employees and executives who are either preparing for an international assignment or who are cooperating intensively with specific countries.