Coaching offers support for senior specialists and managers in professional and private conflicts, decision-making situations and those demanding change.

Consulting Across Cultures offers this support in both local and international contexts.

Coaching in the international context

Coaching in the international context deals with the following target groups:


The manager deployed abroad from headquarters 
Foreign managers brought to headquarters 
Manager returning to place of origin 
International division: 
Executive is responsible for a division with international coworkers, clients, suppliers 


Either International Executive Coaching, International Transition Coaching or Reintegration Coaching will be employed, depending on the situation being faced: acute intercultural challenges, a new international assignment or the reintegration into the home organization.

International Executive Coaching


Occasions that require intercultural coaching are acute problems and challenges incurred during international and/or intercultural cooperation.

Among the issues that can occur with German and other western expatriates who are deployed in, for example Asia: Expatriates may experience an inability to reach the local employee, colleague, superior, client. They may have complaints about poor approachability, reliability, efficiency and accountability. Or the local co-workers may consider them to be disrespectful, harsh or unsympathetic.

International guests in Germany may encounter some of the following problems: adjusting to the type of leadership, cooperation, and communication in Germany. This may lead to conflict, inefficiency, loneliness, dissatisfaction, and lack of private or professional contact.

These types of questions will be holistically handled within the context of the day to day leadership, and personal development objectives of the client.

Client requirements

Recognition of the principal challenge that a responsible cross-cultural activity presents, and the will to use this challenge for the development of one’s own leadership skills.

Readiness to approach other cultures openly.


Sessions in the home country serve as assignment preparation for foreign deployment, (see also International Transition Coaching). Coaching sessions abroad can be put together and, if reasonable, conversations with the main partners abroad can also take place. Should acute situations arise between meetings they can also be handled over the telephone. Occasional visits of the client in the home country can also be used for coaching sessions. For both the the company and the clients who have been in foreign deployment additional support after the return of the clients to the home country is important in order to facilitate the reintegration at home.

International Transition Coaching

A special form of coaching: „International Transition Coaching“ can be offered prior to, or following, the take over of a new position abroad, or a new international division. The objective is to prepare the manager for the personal, intercultural, organizational- and leadership challenges connected to the change.

The topics to be specifically handled depend on the specific situation and previous experiences of the manager.

Content that can be handled before deployment may include:

  • Personal learning and transfer strategy
  • Leaving a previous assignment
  • Cultural transition
  • Clarifying expectations of stakeholders

The following topics present themselves after the beginning of the new international assignment:

  1. Understanding the initial situation
  2. Corporate culture
  3. Key relationships
  4. Developing a personal strategy
  5. Culture revisited
  6. Implementation strategy
  7. Balance
  8. Towards sustainability

Process and setting correspond to the framework described in the section on Intercultural Coaching.

Reintegration Coaching

The difficulty of returning to headquarters following a foreign assignment is often underestimated. Research shows that an unsatisfactorily prepared and/or carried out reintegration process can often result in employee resignation.

Reintegration coaching is recommended, in addition to the appropriate measures of human resource development, before the end of the foreign assignment, in order to avoid loss for the company, which may have invested a great deal in the employee during the course of the foreign assignment.

The important topics are:

  1. Preparation of the reintegration
  2. Reflection on the time abroad
  3. Reentry Coping Strategies
  4. New beginning at headquarters

Process and setting correspond to the framework described in the section on Intercultural Coaching.