Target groups for training are employees or managers who do not necessarily work together, but face the same challenges. This constellation opens up additional options of interdisciplinary exchange and networking.

Intercultural Introduction Germany

Arrival in Germany of international colleagues that have not lived or worked for a longer period in Germany. 
Introduction to the practical and theoretical aspects of living and working in Germany. 
Basic requirements: 
Coordinate dates of arrival in Germany. Prior nomination and involvement of German mentors(eventually separate mentors for professional and personal aspects). 
Introduction to the way of teamwork and communication in the workplace in Germany and in the respective departments. Basic attitudes that are important for life as an individual in Germany: networking, proīs and conīs of transnational and diasporic (Foreigners keep to themselves in Germany) networking. Practical aspects of living in Germany, as far as not covered by mentors and colleagues. 
Three day seminar with practically relevant excursions. 
Depending on overall duration. However, the time available, will determine how many interactive methods can be implemented. 
The addressed cultural topics of the individual can be discussed in more detail in Training Intercultural Sensitivity. The cooperation with German colleagues in Training Intercultural Communication and Cooperation. For continuing individual accompaniment International Transition Coaching is offered. 

Intercultural Country Preparation

Employees are about to be sent into a specific country or region. 
Making an effective entrance into the work and the new surrounding possible. 
Elements of Training Intercultural Sensitvity and Training Intercultural Communication and Cooperation together with specific preparation for the cultural, social, economical and political situation in the new country, and for the work and living requirements there. 
Three day preparatory training in the home country. Further training or Intercultural Coaching in target country. Further support through measures of blended learning. Trainer: The training is done by one representative of the home and one of the target culture. 
The training is done by one representative of the home and one of the target culture.