Dialogue implies both a method of guided conversation in groups, as well as a fundamental attitude in all forms of communication and interpersonal contact.

Diversity Dialogue

The diversity dialogue is associated methodically with the Cross-Cultural Dialogue. The goal setting is however expanded. In addition to the improvement of communication across cultural boundaries, the differences, which are discussed in diversity management, will be addressed.


Accordingly diversity dialogue can be employed within the framework of existing work groups, in which for example the differences in terms of gender or age can lead to communication and cooperation problems. Further target groups are interdisciplinary project teams.


The employment of a diversity dialogue process for larger company units or entire companies is also an interesting possibility. In a first step internal corporate dialogue moderators are trained as assistants. These subsequently lead the dialogue process in the departments or with interdisciplinary groups. This entire process can consequently lead to a transformation of the corporate culture towards more openness and inclusiveness.