Organization development

While the internationalization of company activity continues, the question always arises whether the established processes and organizational structures can meet the demands of the expanding field of operation.

International und intercultural division development

In a culturally heterogeneous international division, the efficiency of internal cooperation is affected by the tensions between culturally defined subgroups handicapping the utilization of the potential that arises from this diversity. 
Develop a division that deals efficiently with the given diversity and works with it. 
Cognitive methods as a tool to clarify the theoretical background with regard to cultural differences. Analysis of the current situation. Development of future strategies. Action learning through role-play and simulations. 
Example of a two day activity, which can be expanded through experience oriented learning if time permits: In the first part, the basics of intercultural cooperation will be discussed. The current situation will then be analyzed with the team, alternative strategies of action will be developed and partly tested. 
Elements of the intercultural division development can also be integrated into the Intercultural Training or the Intercultural Introduction Germany, if the participants are from the same team.