Human resource development

On the basis of many years of experience in the field of international human resource development with the Daimler Corporation I offer support in this field. Specifically I offer the holistic and internationally integrated conceptualization of international coaching and human resource development programs.

Conceptualization of an international development program

An important cornerstone of an international personnel development strategy, is a concept of how to identify and further develop the high-potential employees at the international subsidiaries of the firm. 

Based on my experience as leader of the International Training Program ITP of the Daimler Corporation, I offer the custom development of a company development and rotations program. 


Example procedure:

  1. Compilation of concrete needs
  2. Development of the basic program requirements, in agreement with those responsible
  3. Presentation and discussion with those responsible.
  4. Creation of a written summary.

Additionally, single provisions for the support of international development groups can also be offered during this process: