Personal experience

  • Born in 1955
  • Study of Physics. Specialization and Ph.D: Chaos and structure in dynamical systems
  • 18 years: Employed by DaimlerChrysler AG:
    • 7 years: Process development
    • 3 years: Management training: Communication, leadership, visionary management
    • 8 years: Head of "International Training Program": International human resource development, intercultural coaching and training of managers from Africa, Asia and the Americas
  • since 2006: Independent consultant in my firm “Consulting Across Cultures”

Further education

  • Systemic consultation and organizational diagnosis: Bielefeld University
  • Organizational development: Trigon, Munich
  • Management training: hso, Stuttgart
  • Conflict management and mediation: Akademie Vaihingen & DaimlerChrysler AG
  • Business English Certificate: University of Cambridge
  • Intercultural communication: ICPT, Zurich
  • Building effective international teams: tma, London
  • Effective American-European cooperation: ICPT, Zurich
  • Understanding global companies: SIIC, Portland
  • Coaching global executives: SIIC, Portland Coaching: Trigon, Vienna



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